Line Item Edit

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Edit Advanced:

Use Edit in most cases. Use Edit Advanced to look up HCPCS Codes and ICD Codes.
The Mod column (*) associated with the modified value will automatically check on. The checked mod value will maintain the override value even after Update. To revert the value back to the default value, manually uncheck the associated Mod column cell and click the 'Save changes' button.
To maintain a value that is calculated from another value and you do not want the calculated value to change, manually check the Mod cell of the calculated value first. This will prevent the calculated value from recalculating after modifying the other value. For instance if you want the cost to remain at the default value but override the retail value, first check on the cost Mod cell, then modify the retail value.
When using Edit, make sure to click on the 'Save changes' button after editing values in the grid.
When using the Edit Advanced code lookup (magnifying glass button) use Append to append the selected value to the existing code and use Replace to replace the entire existing code(s) with the selected value.
Line item grid columns of type money, decimal, and integer are validated to ensure proper values. Invalid values are marked with a red exclamation point. Hover on the red exclamation point to view instructions to fix the invalid data. The edits will not save until all values are valid.

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