Text Area Layout Item Properties

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Text area items provide multi line text entry and are typically used to show notes.
Select only one item on the page to view and edit item specific properties. Editing item specific properties on Multiple item selections are not allowed.
Linking an item to the database will automatically set the appropriate properties based on the database field chosen. Do not change properties automatically set by the database link such as the 'Max Length' or 'Edit' type.
If another type of item should be used instead of the initial item created (text box should really be text area for example) simply change the item type at the top of the property window.


  1. Item type drop down list (top of property page): Allows changing this item to a different item type.
  2. Max Char Length: Maximum number of characters allowed. Only used if item is editable. If item is linked to an editable database field this value is automatically set. Do not attempt to increase a value automatically set by a database link.
  3. Place Holder: Determines the text shown when no text entered. Use this value to prompt the user to enter text.
  4. Font Family
    1. helvetica (arial)
    2. courier
    3. times (serif)
  5. Font Weight
    1. normal
    2. bold
  6. Line Spacing: Determines spacing between lines based on the 'Font Size' property.

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