User Logs

Updated by Steven Garand

Scroll to view the far right columns and expand the column width if necessary.

Options (read only)

  1. Time: Date and time user action occurred.
  2. User Name
  3. Type: Event log types
  4. Application: ARTSCO application action refers to.
    1. RxWebV2: RxWeb - User application
    2. RxDocV2: LMN and external documents from RxWeb
    3. RxMsReports: Reports from RxWeb
    4. RxAdminV2: RxAdmin - Set up application
  5. IP: IP the user accessed the application from.
  6. User Agent: User agent string to identify the browser and operating system used for the action.
    1. This string can be interpreted by several third party online applications.
  7. User ID: Internal user ID.
  8. Mobil: Designates if the user performed the action from a mobile device.

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