Twilio Authy

Updated by Steven Garand

The recommended setup is to first install the app on a device that can read a barcode (phone or tablet but not a laptop). Read the barcode from the app when prompted by RxWeb or RxAdmin (Secure Your Account window). In the app options set up the backup feature and save the backup password safely. In the app options and Devices set the 'Allow Multi-device' on (to allow installing app on your laptop), install Twilio Authy on your laptop (using the same phone number) then set 'Allow Multi-device' off again for security purposes. Having Twilio Authy on 2 devices allows you to recover from a lost or broken device by using the remaining device to turn on 'Allow Multi-device', install the app on the new device, then disable 'Allow Multi-device'.
First go to and look under the 'Downloading and Installing Authy Apps' section to download the latest app for your device
Go to for additional information on setting up backups.
Go to for more information on installing the app on multiple devices.
For an overview of 2-Step verification go to the 2-Step Overview help page.

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