RxWeb shown above, and RxAdmin run on the latest version of popular browsers including Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox. The applications will run on any computer that supports these popular browsers including Windows10, Mac, iPads, Surface tablets, and Android tablets.
Use RxWeb to operate the system and RxAdmin to set up and maintain the system.
Click directly on the desired menu feature first and all required windows will automatically pop up. For example, after opening the software, click first on the 'Basic Info' menu item and the login prompt will pop up followed by the open order window before finally opening the Basic Info window.
The applications will not run on older browser versions including any version of Internet Explorer. Running the application on a phone is not supported.
  • Top Header Bar

    • Home - Clear any open order
    • Contact - ARTSCO contact information
    • Database - Customer name
    • Order - Shows patient name and order number of open order - Also a shortcut to choose a new order
    • Options - Shows selected market type - Also a shortcut to the general options page
    • Help - Opens the search base help file - type in any word to show related help pages
    • Log off - Click when finished using the application.

Left Menu

  • Order - Features for the current open order

    • Open - Find and open an existing order
    • New - Create a new order
    • Close - Close the current open order
    • Tracking - Order workflow - System prompts when to start tasks - Edit pending and completed tasks
    • Basic Info - Maintain, patients, physicians, therapists, facilities, referral sources, ATP's, and any other custom team members - maintain notes, insurances (including coordination of benefits (COB)), ICD codes, and patient current equipment
    • Forms - Fillable forms - Pre filled with order data
    • Order Forms - Fillable manufacturer order forms with built in coding, insurance reimbursement, dealer cost, and MSRP
    • Documents-LMN - Store photos, word documents, spread sheets or any other file with a patient or order - Generate and edit LMN files from an order data
    • Line Items - List of information associated with selected equipment including description, coding, insurance reimbursement, dealer cost, and MSRP
      • Edit - Modify equipment information directly in a grid
      • Edit Advanced - Modify equipment information on a page - includes some editing capability not included in the standard grid edit feature above
      • Delete - Delete equipment selections
      • Update - Update equipment information based on the latest insurance and manufacturer information - Recommend using this before ordering from the manufacturer or billing from the customer
      • Import - Import manufacturer quote file to generate the equipment list instead of selecting options on the system order forms - also used to import often used equipment configurations (see Export)
      • Open Form - Shortcut to open the order form associated with the equipment
      • Export - Creates often used configurations for a wheelchair (see Import)
      • Hide - Hides (or un-hides) equipment - Hidden equipment will not show on forms
      • Justify - Manually select justifications to show or hide prior to generating the LMN
      • Bundle - Set one equipment line to the sum values of other equipment lines and set the other line values to $0.00
      • Bundle Code - Set the equipment line to bundle to
      • Bundle Clear - Clear bundling and set all equipment back to the original values
      • To Top - Reorder selected equipment to appear as the first item in the list
      • Move Up - Reorder selected equipment to appear one higher in the list
      • Move Down - Reorder selected equipment to appear one lower in the list
      • Default Order - Reorder all equipment to the original position in the list
      • Make Copy - Generate an equipment line based on an existing equipment line
    • Max Profit - Allows viewing appropriate equipment based on selected HCPCS codes - view a list of qualified equipment across all vendors sorted by your profit margin
    • Other App - Communicate with other applications such as Brightree and TeamDME
    • Stock - Generate requests to pull from inventory
    • Purchase Order - Generate purchase orders
    • Batch Print Save - Print a batch of selected forms and order forms in a single operation
  • Tasks

    • To Do - Reminder of everything needed on all orders and when they should be done - provide a shortcut to open the associated order
  • Orders

    • Reports - Run standard or custom reports to help track and improve your business
    • Ad Hoc Query - View your data without the time and expense of a custom report
    • POs For Open Orders - Manage PO's for all open orders
    • Other App - Interface with other applications across orders
  • Remote

    • Orders - Set orders available offline
    • Forms - Set forms available offline
    • Order Forms - Set Order Forms available offline
  • Options

    • General - Set market type, offline options, and printing options

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