Data Form Layout Overview

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Commonly used data forms are provided and maintained by ARTSCO. Custom data forms are provided by ARTSCO for a fee. Data Form Layout Builder is an alternate way to create and maintain custom data forms.
A Form Builder Layout Policy must be signed and returned to ARTSCO before access to the Form Builder Layout feature is allowed.
The highest level is a Data Form. Data Forms must first be created. General information for the Data Form can be edited at any time.
Data Forms can optionally contain JavaScript and CSS code which is run when each page on the form opens.
A thorough understanding of JavaScript and CSS are required to modify existing JavaScript or CSS code. Generating new JavaScript or CSS code is not recommended. New JavaScript or CSS code would also require an understanding of the internal operation of ARTSCO's code, which is beyond the scope of the help files.
Each Data Form can contain one or more pages. The pages can be created, deleted, and the order of the pages can be changed.
Pages of a Data Form can optionally have a background image. The page backgrounds are set for all pages from a single PDF file and can't be set for individual pages.
Only use page backgrounds for complex layouts that must match an existing funding agency form.
Each page contains one or more items. Each item has editable properties. Items can be added, deleted, moved, resized or aligned. In addition items can be exported, or imported between pages of the same Data Form or between separate Data Forms.
Do not use the 'Equip' or 'Extract' tabs at the top the left window. These tabs are for ARTSCO internal use only.


  1. Create new Data Form
  2. Edit Data Form information
  3. Edit Data Form layout
    1. Pages
      1. Add pages
      2. Go to page
      3. Remove pages
      4. Change page order
      5. Edit page information
      6. Set page backgrounds
      7. Clear page backgrounds
      8. Add or edit JavaScript code
      9. Add or edit CSS code
    2. Items
      1. Add items
      2. Undo item action
      3. Snap items to grid
      4. Add column of items
      5. Add row of items
      6. Delete items
      7. ​Set item properties
      8. Align items
      9. Move items
      10. Resize items
      11. Set items same size
      12. Export items
      13. Import items
      14. Set tab order of items
  4. Save Data Form layout
    1. Save only
    2. Save and close
    3. Close without saving
  5. View Data Form layout information

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