Use the left menu tree to navigate between windows. The top of some windows have navigation buttons to open windows that may not be shown in the menu tree.  Use either the menu tree or navigation buttons on the top of a window within the application to navigate between windows.
Any forms or order forms will open in a separate browser tab. Simply close the browser tab of the form to return to the main application.
Do not use the web browser navigation buttons (the back button).  The web browser back button may open a previous window but the edit controls may not be in the correct state to work properly.
To clear any open order and return to the home page click on the Home link (upper left).
Navigate directly to the desired item and all required pages will automatically pop up. For example click on the Form item from the home page and the Open Order page will automatically show first followed by Form Selection page, then finally the selected form will open.
You can open multiple forms at the same time and navigate between forms by clicking on the related browser tabs.

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