Open And Use Order Forms

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Open Order Form

Multiple forms can be open simultaneously in separate browser tabs.
The list of forms to choose from can be filtered by any item containing a part number using the 'Filter By PN' button (see below for details), entering part or all of the order form name, or base code in the associated filter row (first row).
The Max Profit page can also be used to filter a list of order forms to choose from by specifying one or more HCPCS code options the order form must have for example K0005 and E2213.

Included Manufacturers

Click here to see the manufacturers that have a complete set of order forms available.


  1. Expand a manufacturer and select an order form (small left triangle then folder icon): Click on the small expand triangle to the left of the desired manufacturer then scroll down to the desired order form and click on the associated folder icon - Form opens in a separate browser tab
  2. Form Name Filter Box: Enter complete or partial order form name to filter the order form choices
  3. Base Code Filter Box: Enter the base HCPCS code to filter the order form choices
  4. Filter By Item Part Number: Click the 'Filter By PN' button (clear this filter by clicking on the 'Clear PN Filter' button) and enter the partial (use with % wildcard) or full part number - Use % before and/or after partial part number for example the filter %KW12 finds 111KW12 and 0KW12


  1. Open Order Form (small left triangle then folder)

Use Parts Lists

When the 'Parts List Filters' window opens, enter the key word(s) of a description, the part number, or the code (HCPCS) then click the OK button. If no filter criteria entered all items in the parts list will show.

Use Order Form

Toggle Show All/Single Pages (3 overlapping rectangles)

Find (binoculars)

Order Form Grouping (green highlights) - Example below shown generates a single line item of 'One Arm Drive Adj. Axle Plate, Small Handrim, LH position'

Yellow and Green highlighted areas accept user input directly on the form.
Green highlighted areas denote a grouped input which combines the separate inputs into a single line item for example
By default, only active order forms from a manufacturer will show in the list of forms. To also show obsolete or hidden forms, click on the gray 'X' to the right of "Checked" in the Active column. To return back to active order forms, click on the down arrow to get menu and select "Checked".
Both standard and custom order forms will be shown in the same window. A column labeled "Custom" is located to the right of the manufacturer name. In addition, if the manufacturer has the same name as a standard ARTSCO manufacturer their custom form will show under the single manufacturer name and show the custom check on.
Important: Make sure you click the Save button on the upper left hand side of the order form when finished.  You will be prompted to save your changes if you try to exit the form before saving.


  1. Fillable Areas (yellow highlight)
    1. Text Box: Allows single line alpha numeric values - May limit length of text allowed
    2. Masked Text Box: Formats numeric values such as phone (adds parenthesis and dashes) and social security number (adds dashes)
    3. Text Area: Allows multi line alpha numeric text values - May limit length of text allowed
    4. Drop Down: Allows selection from drop down values
    5. Check Box: Toggles check box value on and off
    6. Number Input: Allows numeric values only
    7. Radio Button: Allows a single item selection from a group of items - To clear selection, click on the selected item.
    8. Date: Allows date values - Click on calendar icon to select date from a popup calendar - Clear date using the 'Clear' link on the bottom of the popup calendar.
    9. Signature: Allows a signature - Click the popup Clear button to clear the signature - Click the popup Save button to permanently save the signature (saved even after logout and login) - Click the popup Paste button to paste the saved signature - Only one saved signature is allowed per user and is usually the user's signature


  1. Save (floppy disk): Save form changes - Must save changes before closing the form otherwise changes will be lost
  2. Previous Page (up arrow): Go to previous page of the form
  3. Next Page (down arrow): Go to next page of the form
  4. Go To Page (numeric pull down): Go to specific page of the form
  5. Toggle Show All/Single Pages (3 overlapping rectangles): Toggles between showing single page and showing all pages - When in show all page mode the scroll bar is used to view various pages - When the form first opens, single view mode is the default - The single mode default is necessary to help reduce system bandwidth and memory requirements
  6. Find (binoculars): Find item on order form pages - if multiple items matched, select desired item in popup grid
    1. By Description: Enter the text to search for in item descriptions
    2. By Part Number: Enter the part number to search for
    3. By Code: Enter the HCPCS code to search for
  7. Export PDF to Print or Email (floppy disk with green arrow): When 'Print Background As Image' checkbox on Options, General page is checked file processes faster but resolution is lower, and when not checked file processes slower but resolution is higher. See Low or High Resolution Printing Options for more details.
    1. Close: Cancel export PDF
    2. Open: Open PDF in separate browser tab - Can print, download or Email from browser tab
    3. Print: Print PDF directly to a printer
    4. Download: Download PDF directly to local hard drive
  8. Close Form (x): Make sure to save any changes before closing the form

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