Offline (Remote) Create

Updated by Steven Garand

Chrome users should have "Cookies and other site data" box unchecked before setting up the Offline database. This box is found under chrome://settings/clearBrowserData. Failure to uncheck this setting will remove the offline feature including any offline changes.
The offline feature has 3 basic components, use of the feature (service worker), required data (local encrypted database and files of selected orders, selected forms, patients, physicians, ICD10 codes, etc.), and data changes (changes made while offline).
Sensitive required data and data changes are encrypted (requires a password) on the local computer using the strongest current encryption method available (256 Bit).
Only one user can operate the same computer offline.  Multiple users going offline on the same computer is not supported.


  1. Create Offline Option: Click 'Add Offline Use' (plus sign icon) button on the Options window.

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