Create New RxWeb Order From Existing TeamDME Order

Updated by Steven Garand

This feature is only available on the New page (click on the New menu).
Only the 'Existing Patient' or 'New Patient' button will show after the TeamDME order is selected. Which button shows is determined by looking for an exact match or a possible match between the selected TeamDME customer and any RxWeb patients. This helps prevent duplicate patients in RxWeb.


  • Other App Order Number: TeamDME order number to create RxWeb order from.
  • TeamDME Username
  • TeamDME Password


  1. Select TeamDME Order
    1. Click the 'From App' button.
    2. Fill TeamDME order number, username, and password.
    3. Select 'check' button in upper left of popup window.
  2. Click 'Existing Patient' or 'New Patient' button and select or create the patient for the RxWeb order.
  3. Select the RTS for the RxWeb order.
  4. Click the 'Create Order' button.

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