Validate Payer Plan And Fees

Updated by Steven Garand

Right click in the payer grid to show the menu containing Validate All Insurances.
Payer validation errors may cause users to experience errors when using RxWeb and should be fixed as soon as possible.
Validation errors are likely caused from legacy systems and should no longer occur after a one time fix.

Validation Errors

  1. Reference Other Payer type set but no Reference Payer specified.
  2. Reference Payer specified but something other than Reference Other Payer type set.
  3. Order(s) referencing a payer plan that no longer exists.
  4. Reference Payer references another Reference Payer.
  5. Type not specified for item(s) in Fee schedule.
  6. No plan specified for a payer.
  7. Fee schedule contains a type other than Fee For Service and no Type % specified.

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