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Do More In Less Time.

Increase your profits and provide consistent rehab services in less time with fewer mistakes.

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Use our extensive standard and custom features to fit your unique business.
  • Maintain, patients, physicians, therapists, facilities, referral sources, ATP's, and any other custom team members used in your order process.
  • Maintain patient orders through our standard fillable forms or unique forms built to your specifications.
  • Order and consolidate equipment from any vendor on fillable versions of their order forms with coding, insurance reimbursement, dealer cost, and MSRP built in.
  • Import a manufacturer quote file.
  • Build your own data or order forms.
  • Track pending tasks across complex custom workflows to know what needs to be done and when.
  • Use our built in Medicare reimbursement feature and also maintain your own insurances.
  • Maximize your profit by specifying a set of HCPCS codes to describe the required equipment and view a list of equipment that meets your requirements sorted my the highest profit.
  • Store order or patient documents.
  • Automatically generate suggested letters of medical necessity based on equipment selections for an order.
  • Send data to a third party application such as Brightree or TeamDME.
  • Run standard or custom reports to help track and improve your business.
  • Generate purchase orders and stock order requests.
  • Set security levels for different types of users.

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We are dedicated to provide personal and helpful phone and online support.

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