Update History


Add feature for ToDo list. Highlight cells in defined in yellow, orange, and red categories. Both Days Late and Order Open column values can be highlighted independently with different ranges. Allow the range to be specified in RxAdmin in the General page under the Options menu folder. Enter 3 number of days as the range limits separated by comas.


Add feature to provide means for specifying the word 'Assigned ' in front of any team member name in the responsible list, for example 'Assigned RTS' or 'Assigned CSR'. This eliminates the need to create and maintain multiple rules for each team member. In order to use this feature all RTS names must be added to the tracking responsible list and linked to the RTS in RxAdmin. Same must be done to any custom team members used with this feature.


Allow reserved URL characters such as % and # in usernames and passwords in the send to external app feature.


Fix incorrect workflow layout in RxWeb tracking for multiple series tasks in parallel workflow paths.


Fix a potential condition causing the printAsImage=true flag to be missing in the URL. This could result in very slow processing some order forms when printing.


Added feature to automatically change codes for specified insurance plans. In RxAdmin in the Billing Multiplier and Show Order page, adding an extra column in the grid called Code Swap. To set up the code swap for a particular plan you would enter text in the associated cell with the following example format: E2300>E2298,<other codes here>,<other codes here>,etc. This would change E2300 to E2298 for example for the specified insurance and plan.


Added a Clear Filter button to the open order window. When clicked, any filters entered in the filter row are cleared.


Added ability to adjust character spacing in text boxes, required on some government forms to fit each character into a separate box.


Added inactivity timeout feature. Can set the inactivity timeout value (in minutes) in RxAdmin under the Options menu folder on the General window. Must close and restart RxAdmin and RxWeb for the changes to take affect. If the user has not performed a mouse click or touch event on a mobile device for the inactivity timeout time, the user will be logged out and must log back in. Set the inactivity timeout to blank to disable this feature.


When updating a custom order form by importing a file, pre-existing line items associated with the updated order form may not show the proper selections when the order form is subsequently opened. Added the ability of the Update action in the line item window to resolve this issue. Make sure to run Update on line items before opening an updated custom order form.


Fixed problem with open order window constantly displayed in some instances. Problem resulted from opening a page that required choosing an order (ex. Open Form Page) but switching to a page that does not require an order (ex. New Order Page). This issue is now resolved and works as expected.


Added built in custom questions feature to follow ups. In RxAdmin define up to 10 questions and add drop down choices for the user to choose from. Free text entry and only show the question for the first interval can be defined. In RxWeb click on the far left row triangle for any follow up and the questions are shown. The answers are specific to the chosen interval. Also error when entering a single quote in the patient notes in Basic Info is fixed. Also the ability to hide/show the referral column and to toggle the word wrap is added to the Open Order window in RxWeb.


Fixed bugs and quirks of importing fee schedules from Excel files. 1.) Can now see all header names regardless of blank values in the second row. No need to add a default value to the second row anymore. 2.) Can now have hard coded end lies in the headers. No need to change the name of headers in the spreadsheet. 3.) Can now do a merge into an empty fee schedule. No need to first do a replace or to do two consecutive merges.


Added follow up page for the open order. All follow up information can be viewed on this page for the open order.


Fixed issue with database data values missing when data contains hidden carriage returns or line feeds. The hidden characters are now removed from the stored data before a PDF file is created to download or print a form.


Added feature to allow business units within a database. Business Units are companies all owned by a parent company.


Fixed erroneous message when navigating to an order from the ToDo list when there is no Note in the associated ToDo list row. Also added follow up feature that allows specifying follow up intervals in RxAdmin. RxWeb has a follow up page to show all orders that require a follow up and how past due these follow ups are. A follow up can be marked as completed, can have notes, can mark all subsequent follow ups for an order as cancelled, and can open an associated order from the follow up row.


Added ability to reference other payer type on a fee. The payer to reference must be specified on the associated plan.


Column reordering are now saved for the open order and pending task grids. The default sort order for the completed task grid is now sort by status then descending 'To Date'. Added tracking feature to view completed tasks when editing pending tasks. Added a button at the top of the tracking screen to create a new tab with a read only grid of completed tasks. Drag the new tab to a second screen or if only one screen available, drag the new tab to the same screen and right click the task bar and select 'Show windows stacked'. Added new line item mode feature to copy modified primary codes to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th codes.


Fixed error when saving multiple new custom vendors in the form builder.


Added feature to allow placeholders in justifications. The placeholder will be replaced in the LMN by the appropriate values when the LMN is generated. The list of placeholders include: ~patientFirst~










Added new insurance type of "Fee Then Ref Other Payor" which will look in the fee schedule first and use that entry if found, if not found in the fee schedule it would use the referenced fee schedule. This provides a means of referencing another insurance that is close but has some code exceptions. The exceptions are put into the fee schedule.


Added ability to reorder ICD10 priority on Basic Info window by selecting an ICD10 code then clicking an up or down arrow button.


Allow import of XML file item with no part number.


Added suffix option for patient (Jr., III, etc.).


Added feature to set different manufacturer account numbers based on office location.


Fixed problem saving justification selections in line items for items that contained multiple codes on a single item. Added referral source street1 (~referralSourceStreet1~), city (~referralSourceCity~), state (~referralSourceState~), and zip (~referralSourceZip~) as Email placeholders.


Added Custom Team Member to workflow Email recipient list of options. If multiple customer team member types exist, the first type name in alphabetical order will be used.


Added Order Open column to ToDo list which shows days the order associated with the task has been open.


Added ability to specify multiple Email recipients for pending or completed tasks in the workflow. Also added a Lock Cost feature in the line item window that prevents the cost from automatically changing during a line item update.


Expanded height of RxWeb task blocking grid.


Added copy line items to Atlas feature.


Added feature to workflow Email and Email template which allows a placeholder for an abbreviation of the patients name. A placeholder for the abbreviation of the patient name (~patientAbrev.nn.nn~) must have the nn value replaced by the appropriate 2 digit numbers. The first nn number is the number of leading characters shown in the patients first name and the second nn number is the number of leading characters shown in the patients last name. Using ~patientAbrev.01.03~ for example would be replaced by the patients first initial followed by a space then followed by the first 3 characters of the patients last name. The number must always be 2 digits with a leading 0 if necessary and using the patient abbreviation placeholders with different numbers in the same email section is not allowed (example using ~patientAbrev.01.03~ and ~patientAbrev.03.03~ in the body of the same email will not work properly). Also using the Email template with this feature may not work properly if the patient has a space in the first or last name (the Email sent from the workflow will work properly with a space in the first or last name but note that a space in the name is counted as a character).


Incorporated a modification to allow custom forms to roll up line items on the form via a custom script.


Added ability to view pending task note in a full screen window. Click on the new note button (note with pin icon) in the pending task grid row to view the full screen notes for the pending task. Also added patient phone and referral source as columns to view and filter in the open an order window and the to do list window. Also added the primary insurance as a placeholder option in both the task Email and Email templates. Also added a multiply line item values feature to allow multiplying columns (Retail and Allow for example) by a specified value (2 for example). The multiplication can also only affect rows with specific codes (only K0108 items for example) if desired.


Added export buttons to the manufacturer and model level of the cost structure grid.


Added validation to line item grid columns of type money, decimal, and integer to mark edited cells with invalid info. Hover on the red exclamation point to view instructions to fix the invalid data.


Fixed order form items with multi-codes not showing the correct modifiers in line items in some situations. This would also result in the CodeMod being checked on and a $0 allow value.


Added feature to easily generate an Email to any number of team members on an order. The default subject and body are specified as part of the template. The software will lookup and add the appropriate recipient Email address from the open order. Also the team member Email character lengths are increased from 50 to 256 characters to accommodate multiple Email addresses separated by a semicolon. Also placeholders in the Email body such as ~patientName~ are now allowed in the subject of the Email as well.


Added the ability to import XML files from Permobil.


Added ability to reorder payer priority on Basic Info window by selecting a payer then clicking an up or down arrow button.


Added "Lock Retail" mode on the line item window which sets all retail Mod values for all line items, essentially locking the retail value from changing if the related order forms are updated by ARTSCO and the user subsequently edits something on any line item. Used when line items are quoted by the manufacturer and the retails should stay at the quoted values. Using the "Lock Retail" mode retains the previously quoted retail values even if ARTSCO updates the order form then the user updates any line item. Added ~referralSource~ and ~physician~ placeholders for the task body. Fixed problem when using the ampersand character (&) in the body of a task Email.


The custom column grid arrangement on the To Do list page is now saved between pages, similar to how the line item grid column order is saved.


Added descriptive error message if sending to Brightree with an incorrect state abbreviation with only one letter. Updated ARTSCO internal invoice system.


Added new feature to Email links to a report. Added a standard public report, Order Status, to show the status of an order. RxWeb can now generate an Email to the customer, referral source, etc. with a link to show the status of an order.


Updated ARTSCO internal invoice system.


Added filterOpenOrders URL flag which defaults to only showing open orders in the Open Order window. Set URL parameter filterOpenOrders=true to automatically show only open orders in the Open Order window. Added capability to build and show DevExpress reports in addition to the current Microsoft reports. The DevExpress reports have additional capability and are easier and faster to build.


Changed default printAsImage setting from false to true when opening RxWeb without printAsImage flag in the URL


Fixed profit margin on forms for items with an allow value but no cost. System now calculates the correct value of 100% instead of the previous 0%. Reduced order form splitter height by 2 pixels to eliminate extra browser window scroll bars which showed over the top of the forms vertical scroll bar. Fixed issue to propagate the '&printAsImage=true' URL parameter for fast (lower resolution) printing when the form was opened from the line item window context menu shortcut.


Fixed RxAdmin Merging And Adding Fee Schedule from existing Fee Schedule to include allow value.


Fixed allow value issue causing an incorrect doubling of the value for items with non-fee schedule insurance (example retail minus) and detail quantity greater than 1 (example a pair). This problem occurred as a result of implementing Version on 9/12/2021.


Created new permission (Tracking Change Responsible) to allow preventing user from changing who is responsible on a task if the responsible person is already defined. Created new permission (Tracking Random Pending) to allow preventing user from adding a task outside of the specified workflow, including tasks not ready and tasks not in the workflow.


Fixed task blocking value feature for values related to edit basic info values.


Added filter button on To Do list menu. When filter button is clicked the last selected Pending Task column filter value is applied. The last filter value is saved between sessions.


Added filtering feature to Pending Task column on the To Do list page. Click the small key icon on the right of the Pending Task header cell, then select the desired task in the drop down list to filter the grid by the selection.


Fixed batch print issue to now show all custom form selection options.


Improved the Max Profit feature. Each search code can now find an item that matches multi coded items.


Added a new feature in Line Items to modify Retail to Cost times a user entered multiplier. The default multiplier is 4.0. Any currently modified Retail value (has a Retail Mod checked on) is ignored and is not affected by this feature. To use this feature open the Line Item page, select 'Retail From Cost' in the Mode drop down list, change the default multiplier if necessary then click the OK button.


Fix issue with allow value not multiplying by the detail quantity. The allow values for any new orders with DetailQuantity of 2 should be generated correctly. Updating the line items is required to fix any existing orders. Note that only lines in existing orders with the Allow Mod unchecked will update the allow value. In addition the following codes are defined as a pair and will not multiply the allow value by the DetailQuantity: E0988, E1010, K0020, K0079, K0080, K0100, K0195.


1.) Changed header text for all Mod columns in Line Items from a space to a *. This allows the drag and drop of Mod columns to the right of any associated drag and dropped column. 2.) Also added a new feature allowing a full access user (no permission restrictions) to complete a blocked task. The full access user is presented with a warning but can chose to complete the blocked task. Users with any permission restrictions will have to complete the blocking issues before completing a blocked task. 3.) Added a 'Medicare Zip Code Lookup' (clip board icon) button at the top of the add or edit insurance page in Edit Basic Info. When clicked, the Medicare rural or non rural status is shown based on the patients zip code. This information can be used to select the proper Medicare insurance for the patient.


Added shortcut button to quickly open other orders from the same patient. Two toolbar buttons are added at the top of the Open window. The 'Patient Orders' button filters the order grid to only show orders for the patient associated with the current open order. The 'All Orders' button returns the order grid to show all orders. The 'Patient Orders' state is remembered between pages. Also an additional 'Delivered' date field with a pop up calendar was added to Current Patient Equipment.


Fixed issue with entering data in text area boxes in groupings on order forms.


Added 'Code Groups For Items' feature which allows assigning cost discounts to different items based on the items code. This feature is useful for setting the base of any chair for the manufacturer without going into the items of each model. The previously labeled 'Code Groups' tab is changed to 'Code Groups For Models' to clarify the discounts set in this grid apply to all items on a form if the base code of the form matches a code in the code group. The new 'Code Groups For Items' tab will only apply to the items that match a code in the code group. Also added feature to automatically set the PECOS certification value when physician NPI number entered, changed, or cleared in Edit Basic Info page in RxWeb.


Fixed the ordering of line items imported from an ARTSCO line item export when original line items generated from a copy action.


Fixed issue with touch screen selection of grouped check boxes on order forms.


Added new signature feature to allow saving your signature and pasting this signature on any form. Click on the 'Save' button to save your signature. Click on the 'Paste' button to paste your signature into any signature field.


Added code only form table column option (comma delimited 5 digit codes) and modifier only column option (modifiers on first code).


Fixed tab order of Date fields.


Prevent infinite wait in RxAdmin when scrolling through team members such as the patient with 10s of thousands of rows.


Prevent username from auto filling in Notes filter in select patient filter row when using Chrome.


Added explanation to error message when attempting to add a duplicate team member: Note: Existing <team member> must have middle name or phone number specified if setting this middle name or phone number to create a different <team member>.


Fixed issue with grouped items not generating codes when no payor selected. Also fixed issue preventing proper line item update for grouped items if the order form updated after the items selected.


Line item hide grid (and all other line item grids) now allow a right click shortcut menu to open the form for any line item. Manufacturer order form changes no longer cause previously selected grouped line items to be marked as obsolete after a line item update. Line item update on items generated in Rehab Accelerate now gives an error message requesting a repair on the order. No line item updates are allowed until the order is repaired. In situations where repair cannot completely change the structure of the Rehab Accelerate generated line items, the line item is no longer marked as obsolete during a line item update and is always considered a current item. If legitimate obsolete line items are generated and the user also selected duplicate current items without deleting the obsolete items, an error message is now generated prompting the user to delete the obsolete items.


Fixed issue to allow ARTSCO to update order forms with writable header fields where appropriate.


Line item updates, inserts, and deletes will synchronize with related purchase order items only if there is no PO has no OrderDate or RecievedDate and the PO item has no RecievedDate. If any of these dates are filled line item changes will no longer keep purchase order items synchronized. IMPORTANT: Do not clear OrderDate or either RecievedDate values then remove or add line items. Failure to follow this rule may result in duplicate purchase order items. The only reason to clear any of these 3 dates is to manually remove a purchase order item (the system will not allow the delete unless the 3 dates are cleared). Make sure to immediately set the date value back after manually deleting purchase order items. Note that the synchronization is one way only from line items to purchase order items. Modification to purchase order items will have no affect on line items. Also line item changes do not sync with stock items, only purchase order items. This is consistent with Rehab Accelerate.


Added feature to the line item update operation to warn the user and hide line items associated with items no longer available on order forms. The hidden item's description will have '(obsolete)' appended to the description. The user can view the hidden item descriptions marked as obsolete to determine how to modify the updated order form appropriately. Also added means to directly edit long order notes for full access users by viewing the notes and selecting the checkbox on the top of the window. Also fixed issue causing the system to request the user select an order at inappropriate times. Also fixed an issue with importing Sunrise line item files if the patient has a single quote in their name.


Added ability to sort line items in form grids by manufacturer, model, page, and tab.


Fixed errors associated with saving order form pages with grouped items (green squares) after saving items on pages without any grouped items present.


Added a save diagnostic file option if error encountered when saving order form data. The diagnostic is used to resolve the issue and allow ARTSCO to save the data. Changed send to Brightree code (brightreeExtApp.js and extApp.js) to accommodate expansion to other external apps.


The column order of the line item edit grid are saved between sessions in a cookie named 'pages_order_lineitemsedit_aspx_MasterMainPanel_ContentPlaceHolder1_lineItemEditGridView'. The column order is saved separately on each computer running RxWeb and will not affect any other computer. To clear the saved settings you must delete this cookie through your browser.


Fixed issue causing duplication of part number and code in rare instances in grouped items. Added ability to list and send all open orders not yet sent to Brightree that meet permission from task criteria set for 'Send To Billing - Allow'. Also expanded maximum length for email body of a task for both pending and completed from 128 to 1000 characters. Changed the email body cell type to allow a memo box type entry to make long text entries easier. Also a new permission added to allow preventing user from cancelling a pending task in tracking. Also prevented page from scrolling when signing signature field with a finger.


Fixed adding KU modifier where appropriate on accessory item when base item is in a different model.


Fixed ability to update Quote# in Purchase Order window.


Fixed send to Brightree issue if claim level HeightFt, HeightIn, or Weight specified with null or empty string value.


Fixed problem saving Ad Hoc history when query contained single quotes. Also fixed display of Ad Hoc query history to show wrap on the end of lines.


Fixed 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' error when resetting completed task. Added warning for user when trying to reset a completed task that is already reset. Fixed code to allow a reset completed task to show in the 'Not In Workflow' window. Fixed task EMail on pending and completed for tasks not in the workflow.


Fixed PO, Stock, and Bundling issues if for updating and deleting data in certain conditions.


Added justify count column to line item window in Edit mode.


Fixed Orders Viewed Report for RxWeb


Updated security features on all applications and API's to the most recent versions available. Added feature to safely open both RxWeb and RxAdmin and switch between them. Open RxAdmin first then use the RxWeb link on the toolbar at the top of the main window to open RxWeb. A pop up window button is shown and must be used to switch between RxWeb and RxAdmin. Opening RxWeb and RxAdmin separately and switch between them using the browser tabs may result in the application freezing up while saving data.


ARTSCO internal issue. Show proper list of forms and order forms when ARTSCO user opens customer database.


Updated error code for clarification and instructions to fix the issue if tracking rule has a blank task specified.


Added feature to filter order form selection grid to by part number on any item within the order form. Also added feature prevent a workflow from continuing if a profit margin threshold is not met.


Fixed proper select mode for line items after a column sort. Also force always show hidden items when in hiding line items window. Also allow blank (double space) modifiers in line items which will look for a match in the fee schedule with a double space as the modifier. Also allow secondary modifiers that do not match a fee schedule secondary modifier, in which case only a match on the primary modifier will be used. Also added feature to avoid having to check "Print Background As Image" on when the application opens. Start the application from a browser using "https://rx.artscoinc.com/RxWebV2/Default.aspx?printAsImage=true". Also added line item feature to allow right click on line item in Edit mode to open the associated order form.


Fixed subject on auto email generated by a tracking task in the workflow.


Adding or deleting payers in Basic Info automatically now updates any existing line items in an order. In addition deleting any payer now removes the associated payer information on the existing line items. Updating line items with previously deleted payers will also remove associated payer information. Another change in this version is the ability to allow editing of Quantity Ordered and Retail directly on data forms. Each form however must be updated by ARTSCO to allow this capability.


Added unhide line item feature in Hide action in the Line Item window. In the Line Item window select the Hide action and select (hide line item) or clear (show line item) the selection checkbox then click on the execute button.


Added feature to allow tracking rule to include custom team members in addition to an RTS. The label in the grid is changed from RTS to Team Member and the drop down choices start with either 'RTS - ' or the custom team member type followed by the team member name.


Fixed details in the following permissions: view obsolete order forms edit system options, edit order, team members, LMN and external documents.


Fixed Ki Mobility import to use cost values from the import file instead of calculating cost values from the system. ​Tracking now shows email if the referenced team member or the email on the team member was not specified for an order. If the email is not specified, the Send To text box contains a prompt to add the appropriate email. Fixed cost when form level discount specified for both the discounts and cost (cost applied to base item and discounts applied to all other items). ​Added button to clear sub code on line item. Added a button to clear ICD10 on line item. Line item justification sort order is fixed.


Added large edit area for modifying description in a line item. Added max length limits in line item edit fields. Added export buttons to Open Order window. Changed default filter on notes column in Open Order window from "starts with" to "contains".

Medicare KU modifier and associated KU allowable now used for a payer plan which references Medicare. Previous to this change only direct Medicare would use the KU modifiers and allowables.


Fixed justification error encountered when selecting items in a group that have the same code and justifications are set for this code.


Updated date-time form fields to ignore invalid text when linked to database text fields. Note: Invalid text caused by Rehab Accelerate allowing user to enter invalid date text such as 'N/A' after getting a warning message. RxWeb prevents invalid string entry. Note: The invalid entry will still remain in the database but the form will show a blank date field and no warnings will be given.


Fixed custom item level cost.


Added feature to allow validation of text entry dates in grid on forms.


Fixed issue with forms containing a grid with a line item level column.


Allowed codes to import from XML file if no insurance specified. Added high resolution printing for order forms.


Added custom grid column calculation type.


Added feature to allow high resolution printing of data forms. Note: This feature is currently not implemented for order forms but will be available soon. Note: Order form high resolution printing, when implemented, may take longer to print and may require pop up blocker disabled for the website for viewing directly. Note: An option to force low resolution printing (print as image) is added to the options page for cases when speed is more important than quality.


Added user friendly error message for saving order form changes in order with duplicate insurances.


Fixed issue with batch printing.


Updated system to printing sharp clear forms. Started the process of converting forms to the new clear printing format.


Added feature to show and scroll all form pages instead of a single page at a time. On the form menu (left side) a new button is added to 'show all pages'. To show all pages click this button. To return to single page mode, click the button again. The page navigation buttons will scroll the requested page into view in either mode. In the show all pages mode however, the pages can be navigated using the scrollbar.


Fixed issue with modifying line items on forms. Replaced popup pager for grid on forms with scroll all items feature. When the mouse is over any grid on a form, the scroll bar will appear and allow scrolling to any line item. In addition a search feature is added. Move the mouse to the right side of any grid header and click on the icon that appears then enter the information to search for.


When printing, opening, or downloading a form, the print dialog window is automatically closed.


Fixed issue causing error when updating line items is certain conditions.


Fixed issues with coordination of benefits (COB).


Added RTS and Quote# columns to PO's for Open Orders window - Single tab. Added Quote # column to Purchase Order window. Added Quote # and MSRP column to following reports: PO Batch Send, PO by Number, PO Monthly Spending, PO Overdue to Receive, PO Overdue to Send.


Added ability to specify modifiers directly in custom order forms. For example K0739RB can be specified as the labor code. The Medicare fee schedule was also updated to include K0739RB values.


Added filter option to form grid to show hidden line items. Fixed Medicare miscellaneous code allowable for referencing Medicare fee schedule. Also fixed payer percent value of referenced payers


Added feature to make copy of line item. Eliminates need to create custom order forms to add line items based on existing order form line items. Use the 'Make Copy' action (upper right drop down) and click on the item to make a copy of.


Allow PO For Open Orders with thousands of rows to open in a few seconds. Also added a filter row to allow more options to find rows.


Fixed issue with editing additional payers (more than primary) information in grid edit mode. Also added feature to allow enter key to advance to the next row in the same column. The user can now quickly edit a column of cells by using the Enter key.


Fixed showing line item edit column info for insurance 2, 3, and 4 if specified. These additional insurance info columns were in the Edit Advanced mode but are now added to the default Edit mode (in grid editing feature).


Fixed displaying logo on custom forms with logo if offline feature used. Note: Logo will not display on form when offline, only when online.


Added feature to allow laptops with Windows and touch screens to scroll forms using the touch screen.


Fixed grid column on forms using the formula of quantity ordered times the sum of other columns.


Fixed showing a custom label for the total row of a sum column in the grid.


Added feature for document management to show small version of images (thumb nails) directly on the file icon in the file manager window.


Line items window now allows editing directly in the line item grid. This is now the default option when opening the line item page. To get to the previous edit line items in a popup window, choose the 'Edit Advanced' mode in the top left pull down. Hiding line items, editing ICD10 codes, and getting help editing HCPCS codes can only be done in the 'Edit Advanced' mode. All other editing can be done in the new 'Edit' mode, directly into the grid across any row. Any changes are highlighted and an associated modified check box is checked on. To return the value to its original state, uncheck the modifier(s) and save the changes. The buttons on the lower right of the window allow previewing only the changed rows (Preview changes), saving the changes to the database (Save changes), and canceling the current changes (Cancel changes). Saving changes will automatically perform an update on all line items after the changes are saved. Changes must be saved or canceled before changing modes. If attempting to open a different page or close the browser without saving the changes a prompt will displayed allowing you to return and save the changes if desired. The default view in the new 'Edit' mode is to set the manufacturer name and model in a grouping header and place all associated line items under these groups. This default view can be changed to any other desired view after opening the line item window.

Also fixed batch printing when using 'Include Unfilled Pages' not selected. The print now includes any pages with database information in addition to just pages with check boxes associated with line items.


Fixed showing confirm button when email shown for pending or completed task in the tracking system. Also fixed an issue with incorrect email address when email shown for task completed or pending. Also fixed an issue preventing auto prompt for pending task in some instances on complex workflows. Also fixed a problem with resetting a completed task back to pending.


Limited text entry length on order forms for line item text fields to 255 characters to match the database field limit of 255 characters. Also fixed an issue that may cause the loss of order form notes when modifying notes a second time.


Fixed offline issues.


Also fixed issue to allow codes to be deleted on line items for orders that have no payer specified. Also if no internet connection available and the offline database is set up, a page will display with a link to run the offline system. The user must click this link to run the offline system with no internet connection.


Modified code to not show the barcode on a form if there is no data for the barcode. Also added feature to view documents in the file manager on the server without downloading first.


Added diagnostic tools to aid in debugging any offline problems. Three buttons were added in the options window in the Offline section. If an offline error occurs, save the error file and click on the 'Export Offline Changes' button in the options window and save the offlineChanges.json file. Send both files to ARTSCO to aid in fixing the issue. The other two buttons 'Delete Offline Changes' and 'Import Offline Changes' buttons are to be used only if instructed by someone from ARTSCO.


Added new custom form grid column calculation option for specialized grid request.


Fixed date time issues across various browsers. Note: Due to legacy data prior to RxWeb, all date times are local to the timezone the data was entered. For example a date entered in EST at 10:00 AM would still be 10:00 AM if opened in CT.


Fixed printing of free text entry in drop down lists on forms.


Fixed issues with offline use.


Fixed error when filling an order form group, saving the data, then adding another item to the group and try to save the data again. Fixed showing footer on last page on forms with grids if grid was added to the page after the footer was added.


Fixed doubling line item issue when item is saved then subsequently unchecked, rechecked, and saved again. Fixed issue where breakout checkbox on order form is missing when reopened even though the line item are correct and show the breakout properly. Fixed issue where extra line item is generated in certain circumstances for breakout selection on an order form. Fixed issue to show selected checkbox of breakout when printing.


Fixed issue with printing transparent grid with no data. Also fixed printing form with bar code. Also fixed printing drop down list on complex form to show displayed text instead of value. Also fixed table column filter to show 4 digit modifier column correctly. Also fixed really small grid header to show properly.


Fixed issues with custom scripts on some forms and fixed issue with displaying second continuation grid on the same page.


Added feature to add custom line item columns (text box and check box), 4 character modifier column, and row number columns on form grids. Added feature to allow multiple grids on the same form page.


Fixed initial and date stamp on notes when task first becomes pending. Also fixed an issue in batch printing preventing some combination of forms from printing. Also added a new feature to the line item window allowing moving blocks of line items up or down (Move Up and Move Down options on the pull down). A block can be created by checking on each row or by selecting the row (must be to the right of the checkbox), holding the shift key then selecting the last row of the block. A block can also be moved up under a particular item by selecting a single row above the block to move the block under in Move Up mode. Conversely a block can also be moved down under a particular item by selecting a single row below the block to move the block under in Move Down mode.


Set any completed task info on forms read only. Also show and rename new patient user defined fields when creating a new patient for a new order only if user defined fields specified. Also fixed batch print to list custom forms.


Fixed non-calculated formatted grid columns to show correctly on forms.


Fixed showing correct allowable after manually changing a code modifier (ex. NU to RR). Also added a feature to add or select all 3 physicians or company addresses at the same time. Also fixed intermittent 'Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation' error in edit line items when repeatedly changing from delete to update.


Fixed date formatting when printing forms


Warn user, and don't allow when attempting to add more than 12 ICD codes to an order. This limit is consistent with Rehab Accelerate and the Brightree interface.


Added feature to allow 2 account numbers for a manufacturer depending on the company location. Separate the account numbers with a ~ (no spaces). Set the first account number as the system default company and the second account number as the alternate location account number. Make sure to associate any RTS at the alternate company with the appropriate alternate company value.


Fixed an issue to allow more than 5 or so order form items in the same group with part numbers to be selected and saved properly. Also eliminated an erroneous warning message about nor saving the data when adding a new team member in edit basic info.


Fixed an issue which could remove a line item from an order other than the current order when a manufacturer xml file is imported.


Fixed printing issue with grouped check boxes.


Fixed issues when break-out items (single checkbox creates multiple line items) selected and saved on an order form.


Prevented single quotes in short and long notes in edit basic info from causing an error.


Fixed assigning a new subscriber to new insurance in edit basic info. Fixed condition that could in some cases show or hide inappropriate fields when adding or editing a team member.


Fixed Code Description column on forms.


Combined duplicate manufacturer import items (line item import feature) with the same part number and updated the ordered quantity to the number of duplicate part numbers found. Also fixed missing items when importing line items from a file.


Fixed Order Quantity for line item imports.


Fixed age not showing on LMN or forms.


Fixed error during selection of order form grouped items in certain circumstances.


Fixed missing codes if order form group item selected on order with no insurances.


Fixed issue of modifying notes fields on order forms creating duplicate line items. If duplicate line items exist from this issue prior to this fix, click on the Repair button on any form for the order to remove any duplicate line items. Also fixed issue on order form for grouped selections ignored after repeat save cycles on the same page.


Fixed email on completed task in tracking. Fixed estimated completion date when task becomes pending.


Added a Repair button on the form menu to repair issues with line items on an order. User is warned to click the Repair button if line items were generated in Rehab Accelerate. The repair will also remove any line item duplicates.


Fixed issues with printing forms with line items.


Fixed issues with selecting and printing parts lists.


Continued fixes associated with selecting grouped items on order forms. Fixed layout issue on printing custom forms.


Fixed issues associated with selecting grouped items on order forms. Fixed issue preventing order form selections when a Medicare insurance and a reference to Medicare type insurance selected for an order.


Fixed error when updating line items while ARTSCO was updating the associated order form.


Fixed ability to automatically set order quantity to 2 for batteries selected on order forms. Also fixed ability to specify quantity in select fields on order forms. Allow over-ride of line item edit after specified work flow task by any user having permission to modify security.


Prevent KU modifier for orders with primary insurance with a fee schedule (or directly references a fee schedule) that does not contain a KU entry.


Fixed error encountered when saving order form in certain conditions.


Fixed printing multi-page forms with grids.


Prevented modifying company information (address, phone, etc.) directly from forms. For convenience, when editing team members in edit basic info, moved the title field directly after the last name field.


Fixed missing text in certain situations and fixed margins on printed pages. Added page numbering feature to printed pages. Added feature to insert images on custom forms.


Fixed adding appropriate company, bill to , and ship to address based on the selected RTS on the order.


Fixed cost calculation for model level discount that contains a cost and discounts.


A new feature is added to RxWeb. Any customer can add an unlimited number of "Form Only" users at no charge until 2021. There is a pre-defined permission group named “Form Only” that customers can assign users to. This group can’t be edited or deleted. If a user is assigned to the “Form Only” permission group, they can only fill out forms or order forms sent to them from a payed user. When a paid user opens a form or order form there is a new Email button on the left menu. Clicking this button opens a window with a grid containing team members for the open order that have emails. The items showing in the grid will depend on the order opened and which team members have email addresses specified. Clicking on a row in the grid will open the local email program on the computer with the send to, subject, and body containing the link to open the form. If the user requires a send to address that is not in the grid, they can click on the “Send To…” button which allows them to manually enter an email address. The recipient of the email must already be added as a “Form Only” user. The recipient can not add themselves as a user. The default is to have a return email sent to the original sender (paid user) informing them anytime the recipient changes the form. The return email will contain the email of the user that changed the form along with the name of the form. If the sender does not want this reply, simply uncheck the “Get Reply On Form Change” check box.


Changed behavior of prompting for available pending tasks to make delaying pending tasks more convenient. This change also prevents prompting of available tasks after the order is closed or canceled. The request to set available tasks to pending now only occurs if 1. tracking is started (no pending or completed tasks) 2.  pending task set to completed 3. completed task is reset. If the user cancels a task ready for pending, the delayed pending task will appear light green in the diagram but still be marked as not ready (red x above the task). To set all delayed pending tasks to pending, click on the "Set Delayed Pending Tasks To Pending" button at the top of the window (to the right of the view drop down). To set a specific delayed pending task to pending, click the task on the diagram and click the "Set task to pending" button to the left of the grid row.


Fixed issue with grouped order form items containing text boxes.


Fixed Billing Multiplier issues when using insurance with specific value different from the system default.


Fixed issue with clearing physicians in Basic Info window.


Implemented remaining permissions from tasks including: Send To Billing – Allow, Modify Line Items - Deny, Modify Purchase Order – Deny, Modify Stock Order – Deny, and Modify Order – Deny.


Fixed feature to auto set order status to Completed when specified task set to completed.


Eliminated the possibility of erroneously deleting unintended line items when deleting intended line items. Restored erroneously deleted line items found to have occurred before the fix was put in place.



*Added labels on grouped by headers in the to do list.

*Changed the default group by in the to do list to none.

*Added export feature to the to do list.

*Moved to do list menu item under a separate Tasks folder which remains expanded which prevents having to open the orders folder between working on to do list items.

*Fixed problems with initializing to do list from stored filter values.

*Moved RTS column in to do list to left of responsible column for clarity.

*Tracking view mode setting is now saved between sessions.

*Hide feature added to line item mode drop down list to allow hiding line items in a single operation.

*Cleared values between multiple tasks automatically presented as becoming pending.

*Arranged tracking task edit window to reduce required mouse scrolling.

*Eliminated extra window to add notes in task edit window. New notes are added directly in task edit window.

*All task edits are timestamped only once with the note appearing at the top.

*The "waiting on" value is included as a note instead of a separate user time stamped change.

*Fixed ability to clear certain text box values on forms.

*Date fields on forms now show blank if no date entered.


Fixed ordering of payer choices in edit basic info drop down.


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