2-Step Overview

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Why Is 2-Step Verification Required?

With 2-Step Verification, you'll protect your account with something you know (your password) and something you have (your phone). Even if your password is stolen, they would still need your phone to get into your account.

How Does It Work?

A 2-Step verification app, loaded on your phone, generates a 6 digit code. In addition to your password, this code is needed to access your account. This code is only valid for a short time, can only be used once, and can only be generated successfully from your phone. You can choose to trust the device you successfully use the code to sign in from (your laptop for instance). In this case you will not be asked for the code for 30 days on the device using the same browser.

Which 2-Step Verification App Do I Load On My Phone?

Using Twilio Authy is recommended, but using Google Authenticator will work as well. Any other app that generates a 6 digit 2-Step verification code may also be used. Go to the 2-Step Compare help page to view a detailed comparison between apps. The bottom line is Twilio Authy is more complicated to set up properly but provides additional features such as account recovery, use on multiple devices including laptops and desktops.

How Do I Load The App On My Phone?

To install Twilio Authy go the the Twilio Authy help page. To install Google Authenticator go to the Google Authenticator help page. Refer to the vendor's help files when using any other 2-Step verification app.

What If The 2-Step Device Is Lost, Stops Working, Or You Get A New One?

If you are using Twilio Authy and you set up a backup Authy device and Authentication Backup password, you can simply install Twilio Authy on a new device. If you are using Google Authenticator (or you have not set up the recovery features of Twilio Authy) you must contact ARTSCO to reset the MFA on your account. After the MFA on your account is reset you must use your new 2-Step Verification app to rescan the barcode when the 'Secure Your Account' window is shown.

What If I Have A Work Phone And A Personal Phone?

You can set the app on both phones up using Twilio Authy but Google Authenticator is restricted to one device only.

What If I Don't Have A Phone Available Or I Just Want The Convinience Of Using Only My Laptop Or Desktop?

You can load the Twilio Authy app on a laptop or desktop. The laptop or desktop can be the same device used to access RxWeb and RxAdmin. To explain why this is still secure and technically considered a "second" device refer to the following article: https://authy.com/blog/introducing-authy-for-your-personal-computer/ Google Authenticator does not have an option for this scenario. Another alternative if you are using Chrome and your system administrator allows access, is Authenticator for the Chrome browser (download from https://authenticator.cc/).

What If My Codes Are Not Working?

If the 6 digit code does not work, make sure you are using the same same one time code app used to read the 'Secure Your Account' barcode. Also make sure the time and date on the device is synchronized with the exact time and date including the current time zone. Android devices may have a time synch option in the one time code app and iOS devices have an option in Settings to auto synch the time.

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