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Save Money

  • The Max Profit feature allows choosing appropriate equipment that maximizes your profit. Enter a list of HCPCS codes required for the patient then view a list of qualified equipment across all vendors sorted by your profit margin.
  • Process more orders in less time.
  • Increase insurance payment acceptance rates by using reliable up to date insurance and manufacturer data.
  • Increase percentage of equipment ordered correctly the first time by directly importing the manufacturer's quote file.
  • Track order tasks to find problems and increase your efficiency.

Save Time

  • Use fillable order forms for any manufacturer in one convenient location.
  • Any required fillable form for any stage of your ordering process is only a click away. If we don't have a form you need we will develop the form for you.
  • Be reminded of everything needed on all orders and when they should be done.
  • When you select an item on an order form, the allow, retail, cost, code and justifications are automatically calculated for you.
  • Save files of often used configurations on order forms to automatically set the order form values for similar patients

Provide Consistent And Reliable Services

  • Keep justifications for codes consistent across all your users.
  • Ensure recommended justification letters are consistent between users to increase your insurance acceptance rate.
  • Provide standard workflows that ensures required information is collected at each stage.
  • Provide up to date forms and insurance allow values so everyone is generating the proper information for any order.

Track Progress

  • Run reports to identify workflow issues, overdue tasks, and collect audit information.
  • We will design custom reports to pull out what is important for you to know.
  • Want a quick view without the time and expense of a custom report then build an Ad Hoc Report.

Easily Store, View, And Retrieve Documents

  • Store photos, word documents, spread sheets or any other file with a patient or order.
  • View files without having to download and open them.
  • Generate and edit word files created using data from an order for example to create a recommended LMN for the physician to review and sign.

Keep Your Data Safe

  • Only give access to the features your user needs.
  • Enforced 2-Factor authorization for extra security.
  • Fully HIPAA compliant.

Connect With Other Software

  • Send data directly to Brightree.
  • Send and receive TeamDME data.
  • Export a custom file to import into other software.

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