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If Itm checked on, Item level discounts exist for the form.
Base Code is the base code for the model.
If Custom checked on, this vendor is a custom vendor created and maintained by your company.
If Active checked on, this model is currently available from the vendor.

Model Options

  1. Base%: Base discount in percent.
  2. Extended%: Extended discount in percent.
  3. Tertiary%: Tertiary discount in percent.
  4. Cost: Cost for the base item of the model. Note: If cost and discount(s) specified, discounts are applied to all items other than the base item. If cost specified and discount(s) not specified, the cost is applied to the base item and all other items have $0 cost.
  5. Account#: Your account number on file with the vendor.
  6. Lead Time: Typical number of days this model takes to receive from the vendor. This number is used in the purchase order feature to help track items that are late or help in ordering items for different vendors at different times to have all items arrive at the same time (Just In Time ordering).


  1. Update model
  2. View items for model
  3. Save model changes
  4. Sort model
  5. Move model columns
  6. Filter models
  7. Copy and paste cell to range
  8. Copy and paste cells from range
  9. Clear all

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