Permissions Overview

Updated by Steven Garand

Permissions allow setting restrictions to system features. Restrictions are organized into groups and a user is assigned to one of these groups.
A list of all users assigned to a particular group can be viewed.
A permission group has a list of system functions (Types) which allow user access of that type to 1.) all, 2.) some, or 3.) none.
A Type of 'some' can be further broken down to allow the user to 1.) View, 2.) Edit, 3.) Add, 4.) Delete, or access a list of values (Filter).


  1. Add new permission group**
  2. Rename permission group**
  3. Edit permission group
  4. View all users assigned to permission group
  5. Delete permission group*

* Delete not allowed if any users assigned to permission group.

** Adding or renaming to 'Form Only' or 'Support User' not allowed. Adding or renaming to an existing name not allowed.

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