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If multiple company locations (branches) exist, the specific locations for the RTS can be specified in the Company Office, Company Bill To, and Company Ship To.
Leave Company Office, Company Bill To, and Company Ship To values blank if they should be the system default values. Only specify values that are different from the system defaults.


  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Middle Name
  4. Phone
  5. Extension
  6. Title
  7. Email
  8. Company Office*
  9. Company Bill To*
  10. Company Ship To*
  11. User Defined 1**
  12. User Defined 2**
  13. User Defined 3**
  14. User Defined 4**

*Leave blank is same as system default

**Only shown if column defined in User Defined Columns


  1. Add new RTS *
  2. Delete RTS **
  3. Update RTS *
  4. Save RTS changes
  5. Sort RTS
  6. Move RTS columns
  7. Filter RTS

* Row denied if RTS name is blank or if another row has the same name and phone number. Note: To be considered a different phone number, the new and existing phone numbers must be entered and have different values. A blank phone number and a valid phone number are considered the same phone number.

** Delete denied if RTS used in any order or in any tracking rule.

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