Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I can't log in, what do I do?

See Login article for details.

If you have attempted to login more than 10 times you may have been blocked for security purposes. Check your email for instructions.

What if I forgot my password?

On login window, click on Forgot password and follow instructions to change the password.
ARTSCO does not have access to passwords.

Can passwords be shared between users?

No. Each user should have their own password as per your ARTSCO license agreement and HIPAA guidelines.

Do I have to use my phone for 2-Step (Multifactor Authentication or MFA)?

You can load the Twilio Authy app on a laptop or desktop. The laptop or desktop can be the same device used to access RxWeb and RxAdmin.
Another alternative if you are using Chrome and your system administrator allows access, is Authenticator for the Chrome browser (download from
Google Authenticator does not have an option for this scenario.

What if my 2-Step (Multifactor Authentication or MFA) codes are not working?

If the 6 digit code does not work, make sure you are using the same same one time code app used to read the 'Secure Your Account' barcode.
Make sure the time and date on the device is synchronized with the exact time and date including the current time zone.
Android devices may have a time synch option in the one time code app and iOS devices have an option in Settings to auto synch the time.

What if my 2-Step (Multifactor Authentication or MFA) phone is lost, stops working, or you get a new one?

If you are using Twilio Authy and you set up a backup Authy device and Authentication Backup password, you can simply install Twilio Authy on a new device.
If you are using Google Authenticator (or you have not set up the recovery features of Twilio Authy) you must contact ARTSCO to reset the MFA on your account. After the MFA on your account is reset you must use your new 2-Step Verification app to rescan the barcode when the 'Secure Your Account' window is shown.

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