Fee Schedule Overview

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Fees are the amount paid by for a particular Code and Modifier.
Each fee schedule needs at least one fee.
When a new Plan is added, a default K0108 NU Retail Minus Fee is generated.

Fee Options

  1. Code: HCPCS 5 digit code.
  2. Modifier: HCPCS modifiers. Use 2 spaces if no modifier should be specified.
  3. Allow: Amount payer will pay for the item. Note: Allow must be specified if Type is Fee For Service.
  4. Type, Type %, Type2, and Type2 %: See plan options. Note: If Type specified as 'Reference Other Payer' the 'Reference Payer' value must be specified for the associated plan.


  1. Add new fee *
  2. Delete fee **
  3. Update fee *
  4. Filter fees
  5. Import fees
  6. Copy and paste cell to range
  7. Copy and paste cells from range
  8. Delete all fees ***
  9. Save fee changes
  10. Sort fees
  11. Move fee columns

* Row denied if 1.) Code is blank, or 2.) Code does not have 5 characters, or 3.) Code and Modifier already exist, or 4.) Allow has a value but type is not Fee For Service, or 5.) Reference Other Payer specified as Type2, or Modifier is blank (use two spaces for no modifier).

** Delete denied if trying to delete single remaining fee (must have at least one fee).

*** Default Fee added after all fees deleted.

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