Inactivity Timeout

Updated by Steven Garand

To increase security, RxWeb and RxAdmin can automatically log out the user if no mouse clicks or screen touches are performed in a designated period of time (inactivity time).

The inactivity time value can be set in RxWeb under Options and General left menu items.

If the user has not performed a mouse click or touch event on a mobile device for the inactivity timeout time, the user will be logged out and must log back in.

Any window opened by RxWeb such as, external document management, data form, order form, or report will be closed after the timeout as well with a couple of exceptions. If a data or order form has unsaved changes the user will be prompted to save the changes and will not be automatically closed. Also if multiple windows are opened by RxWeb, only the most recently opened window will be closed after the timeout. All other opened windows must be manually closed.

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