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All follow up reminders are shown in the RxWeb Follow Up window after the order is closed and the Follow Up date is due or past due.
The follow Up date is determined by adding the specified Days to the date the order was closed.
After the last follow up date is completed the Cancel Follow Ups flag is set in the Order window in RxWeb in Basic Info. This marks the follow up process as completed for the associated order.
If the follow ups should not continue (patient no longer has the chair for instance), open the associated order in RxWeb, click on Basic Info, open the Order window and check on the Cancel Follow Ups check bow. This will prevent subsequent follow ups from showing.
A custom follow up baseline form (before the patient gets the device) could be added and tied to a work flow task block (block on baseline form field not entered).
Notes are available for the follow up responses but would limit data analysis. Custom forms follow up questions would provide more options for follow up data analysis.
Use custom reports and ad hoc queries to analyze the follow up data.



Interval: The sort order of the follow up. Interval of 1 is the first follow up, 2 would be the second follow up, etc.

Days: Number of days after the order is closed to show the follow up reminder.

Instructions: Specific instructions for a particular follow up, for example a particular form to fill or questions to ask.


  1. Add new task *
  2. Delete task
  3. Update task
  4. Save task changes

* Add new row denied if Interval or Days are blank



Question Column Name: Answer1 through Answer 10. Enter questions in the order to appear in the detail on the follow up window in RxWeb.

Question Text: The full question text. Shows as a tooltip when the mouse is hovered over the header in the detail on the follow up window in RxWeb.

Question Header: Shows as the question column header (prompt) in the detail on the follow up window in RxWeb.

Answer List: List of comma separated choices in the drop down in the question column cell on the follow up window in RxWeb. Note: Question choices can not contain a comma since the comma is used to seperate each choice.

Free Text: Check on to allow user to enter a free text answer in addition to any choices defined in the Answer List.

Show Once: Check on to only show the question in the first interval. All subsequent intervals will hide the question.


  1. Update questions
  2. Save question changes

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