Radio Button Layout Item Properties

Updated by Steven Garand

Select only one item on the page to view and edit item specific properties. Editing item specific properties on Multiple item selections are not allowed.
If another type of item should be used instead of the initial item created (text box should really be text area for example) simply change the item type at the top of the property window.


  1. Item type drop down list (top of property page): Allows changing this item to a different item type.
  2. Label: Check box label text. Label shows to the right of the checkbox. The width of the checkbox may have have to be increased to accommodate the label text. If a label is required at a different position, clear the label text and generate a separate text item at the desired location.
  3. Group Name: Used to define a group of radio buttons where only one radio button in the group can be selected at a time. Set the 'Group Name' to the same value for all radio buttons in the same group.
  4. On Value: Value stored in the database field when the radio button is checked on.

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