Medicare Retail Minus Codes

Updated by Steven Garand

Use this feature to add Medicare codes and a percent off of retail value that will calculate an allowable based on the specified percent off of retail.

Default Miscellaneous Medicare Codes (can not be changed)

  1. E1399
  2. K0009
  3. K0108

Adding additional Medicare retail minus codes is not usually needed.
Only applies to Medicare Fee Schedules maintained by ARTSCO. Custom insurances on an order will ignore these values when calculating allowables.
Do not add a Code that exists in the standard Medicare Fee schedule maintained by ARTSCO. Percent off retail value is ignored in this case.
Do not add a default miscellaneous Medicare code (listed below).


  1. Add new additional code
  2. Delete additional code
  3. Change percent off retail value *

* Applies to all miscellaneous Medicare codes. Can not specify different percent values per code.

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