Grid Order Form - Add or Edit Info

Updated by Steven Garand

Must first choose Vendor in the drop down list at the top of the page.
A vendor can have many forms.


  • Form Name
  • Base Code: HCPCS for the base item on the form.
  • Category: Optional category to organize forms.
  • Active: Specifies if the form is active when checked, otherwise the form is obsolete and hidden in the order form selection list by default.
  • Dev: Specifies a development version exists. The development version is not seen by users until designated as ready for customer use. Note: This only applies to the Layout Builder, not the Grid Builder. The Grid Builder does not use a development version and is seen by users immediately after saving.


  1. Add new form *
  2. Update form *
  3. Save form changes
  4. Sort form
  5. Move form columns
  6. Filter form

* Row denied if form name is blank or if another row has the same form name.

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