Clear RxWeb Cache

Updated by Steven Garand

Google Chrome:

  1. With RxWeb open, click upper right 3 vertical dot button, More tools, Developer tools (keyboard shortcut: Crtl + Shift + I).
  2. Minimize the Chrome debugger window that opens. Note: There is no need to do anything in the debugger window it just needs to be open to perform the next step.
  3. On the RxWeb tab Right Click (not the normal left click) on the upper left refresh button (circle with an arrow) and click ‘Empty Cache And Hard Reload’.
Clearing the RxWeb Cache fixes an issue with recently updated order forms sometimes not displaying properly.

Safari On iPad:

  1. Open the Settings>Safari App>Advanced>Website Data.
  2. Tap on edit and then select the site.
  3. Tap on delete.

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