Line Item Multiply Values

Updated by Steven Garand

Choose the Multiply action in the pull down.
The default multiplier is 2 but can be changed to any decimal value (ex. 1.75)
Multiple columns can be selected.
Select code(s) to only affect items that contain the specified code(s) (ex. K0108). Extra codes can be typed into the white space of the token box followed by clicking the enter key.
If the Multiply action is already selected, click the Execute (right arrow icon) button to perform another Multiply action.
Any particular value will only be multiplied one time. Any subsequent multiplication actions will have no affect. For this reason it's safe to multiply newly added line items to previous line items that were already multiplied. The related mod checkbox is set after any value is changed. Subsequent changes will not update the value if the mod checkbox is on. In addition, blank or zero value cells are also not modified.

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