Create New Data Form

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Forms can not be deleted after they are created. The form name and other information associated with the form can be changed, including the active status.


  1. From Rehab Accelerate: ARTSCO internal use only.
  2. Form Name
  3. Base Code: Not used for data forms, leave blank.
  4. Category: Allows forms to be organized in user defined categories.
  5. Active: Allows obsolete forms to be hidden from users. Set active checked when making a new form.
  6. Dev: Read only flag indicating form is under development. Users will not see the development version of the form until set for everyone to see. Opening a form in form builder, automatically creates a development version of the form. To see the development version of the form in RxWeb add &useDev=true to the end of the rxWeb URL.


  1. Add new form
  2. Update form
  3. Save form changes
  4. Sort forms
  5. Move form columns
  6. Filter forms

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