Offline (Remote) Use

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Open Existing Order, Create New Order, Then Close Order:

Fill Basic Info:

Fill Data Form:

Fill Order Form:

Fix Form Not Found Error - Caused By Internet Available - Synch Changes Then Use Online:

Do not use the offline feature if an internet connection is available.
Chrome users should have "Cookies and other site data" box unchecked before setting up the Offline database. This box is found under chrome://settings/clearBrowserData. Failure to uncheck this setting will remove the offline feature including any offline changes.
Limited functionality is available in RxWeb without an internet connection (offline). See limitations below.
The offline feature has 3 basic components, use of the feature (service worker), required data (local encrypted database and files of selected orders, selected forms, patients, physicians, ICD10 codes, etc.), and data changes (changes made while offline).
Sensitive required data and data changes are encrypted (requires a password) on the local computer using the strongest current encryption method available (256 Bit).
Only selected orders, data forms, and order forms, previously selected when online, are available when offline.
Be sure to click on Save button or Check in each offline window to save information. X button is to close without saving.
The user should remove the offline feature (offline database) if not used for an extended period (roughly one month). Apple and other manufacturers of tablets may remove the database without warning if the offline feature is not used after an extended period of time.

Go to Edit Basic Info for details on using the Basic Info window.

Actions Unavailable While Offline:

  • Edit line items.
  • Add or edit Patient Current Equipment.
  • Generate and edit LMN's.
  • View or update Patient Current Equipment.
  • Upload or download related document files.
  • Open the To Do window.
  • Run reports.
  • Perform system setup and administrative tasks.
  • Update Tracking information.

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