Add Column Of Layout Items

Updated by Steven Garand

Adds equally spaced column of identical items on a page.
Use this feature to add a large number of identically spaced items in columns.
Set snap feature on if no background image used. This will help line up items without having to use the alignment tools.


  1. Auto insert:
    1. Add first item for the column using the 'Insert From Mouse Click' button on.
    2. Set the desired properties of the first item.
    3. Add the second item below the first item. Adjust the desired spacing if necessary.
    4. Click the 'Select Group' button on and mouse drag select the 2 added items.
    5. Click the 'Auto Insert' button on.
    6. Click the 'Insert From Mouse Click' button on.
    7. Set the 'Insert Count' to the remaining number of items to add to the column.
    8. Click on the desired position below the second item to add the remaining column items.
    9. If additional columns needed, set the number of items to add, then click the top left of the desired column position.

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