Set Tab Order Of Layout Items

Updated by Steven Garand

This feature is rarely used. Users do not typically tab through web pages using the tab key. Usually a mouse is used to navigate the items on a page.
The normal left to right then top to bottom tab order for an entire page can be instead broken into 2 column groups as shown in the above video.


  1. Toggle editing tab order:
    1. Click on the 'Toggle Editing Tab Order' button on.
    2. Enter 'New Tab Order Start Value' to the number the upper left item in the group should start with.
    3. Select group to re-order tab numbers using the 'Select Group' button and mouse drag.
    4. Make sure to set the 'New Tab Order Start Value' before you set each new group.
    5. Make sure to click on the 'Toggle Editing Tab Order' button off.

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