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Workflows are how tasks are followed for a particular order type.
The system can have many different workflows but must have a default workflow, which is assigned to any new order. The order's workflow can be changed at any time.
Design the default workflow as the most common workflow used by any order.
Create a separate workflow for each different way you get paid. If more than a dozen different ways to get paid are identified, combine similar workflows and include task instructions explaining when to skip tasks.


Edit Workflow Button (pencil icon): Opens window to modify a workflow design.

Claim Type Name: Name of the workflow.

Order Number: Sort order of the claim type list (workflow list) presented to the user when specifying a claim type for the order.


  1. Add new workflow *
  2. Delete workflow **
  3. Update workflow *
  4. Save workflow changes
  5. Sort workflows
  6. Move workflow columns

* Row denied if 1.) workflow name is blank, or 2.) if another row has the same workflow name, or 3.) changing the Claim Type Name of default workflow.

** Delete denied if workflow used in any order or if workflow is the default workflow.

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