Users Overview

Updated by Steven Garand

A new user has an automatically generated password which is not stored and can not be retrieved. The user also has an email status of unverified.
A new user must verify their email, negotiate the MFA process, and reset the password before gaining access to the application.
ARTSCO has no access to any passwords. If a user looses a password they must reset the password to a new value.
A user designated as an owner has no restrictions and can not be deleted. Only one owner is recommended.
Only ARTSCO can designate a user as an owner.
All users that are not owners must be assigned to a permission group which may restrict their access to some system features.


  1. Add new user
  2. Edit user and assign permission group
  3. View read only permissions for user
  4. View user logs
  5. Delete user*

* Delete not allowed if user is an owner.

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