Barcode Layout Item Properties

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Select only one item on the page to view and edit item specific properties. Editing item specific properties on Multiple item selections are not allowed.
There is currently no option to specify a static text value for the barcode. The data must come from a link to the database.
If the barcode is linked to a user defined field (order level), a unique descriptive name such as 'Barcode1OnDpd' is required and a custom form with an item linked to the same user defined field is also required to generate the data for the barcode.
The width of the barcode in the bar code item is determined by the bar width and the length of the data displayed. Make sure to set the bar code item wide enough to accommodate the 'Bar Width' and the maximum data length possible.


  1. Type: Specifies barcode type.
    1. CODE128
    2. CODE128A
    3. CODE128B
    4. CODE128C
    5. EAN
    6. UPC
    7. EAN8
    8. EAN5
    9. EAN2
    10. CODE39
    11. ITF14
    12. MSI
    13. MSI10
    14. MSI11
    15. MSI1010
    16. MSI1110
    17. pharmacode
    18. codabar
  2. Bar Width: Determines the width of the bars in the bar code.
  3. Margin: Determines the size of the empty space surrounding the bar code. The bar code height will shrink to accommodate the margin value.
  4. Show Text: When checked on, shows the text that generated the bar code. The text, if show, appears below the bar code.
  5. Background Color: Determines the background color of the barcode item.
  6. Bar Color: Determines the color of the bars and text in the barcode item.

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