Import Fee Schedule

Updated by Steven Garand

Import items with blank values are ignored.
Import items with modifiers other than NU, RR, NUKE, and RRKE are ignored.
Use Merge to update an existing fee schedule that contains items other than Fee For Service (K0108 Retail Minus for example). Using Replace would remove all fees not specified as Fee For Service.
If multiple Sheets in the file, each sheet must have the same header row. Data is imported from all sheets.

Types Of Imports

  1. Replace: Deletes all existing fees first then inserts the fees from the import.
  2. Merge: Replaces allow value of existing fee with matching allow value in the import, matched on Code And Modifier.
  3. Excel File: Import from Excel file. Must have single header row followed by data rows. If multiple sheets, each sheet must have the same header row. Data imported from all sheets.
  4. Existing Payer Plan: Import from an existing payer plan.


  1. Replace from Excel
  2. Replace from Payer Plan
  3. Merge from Excel
  4. Merge from Payer Plan

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