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Select the model(s) in the grid using the left column check box. Only select the models to copy and past into the appropriate single Atlas text box.
Select the appropriate options in the pull downs.
Set the defaults for 'If No Retail' and 'If No Part#' in RxAdmin to avoid having to change these values.
A part number must exist for the line item to copy. A warning will be given if a line item without a part number is encountered. Depending on the options, either the line item without a part number is not copied or alternately no line items are copied.


  1. If No Retail
    1. Include: Include all line items regardless of retail values.
    2. Skip: Only include line items that have a retail value above or below $0.00. Skip all line items with no retail value. Note that negative retail values are included.
  2. If No Part#
    1. Skip And Warn: Any line items without a part number are skipped. All line items with part numbers are copied.
    2. Fail And Warn: No items are copied if any line item has a missing part number.


  1. Click on the 'Copy To Clipboard' (overlapping pages icon) button to copy the XML text of the line items to the clipboard.
  2. Past the line item XML text into the appropriate Atlas text field.


  1. Open RxAdmin and select the General menu under Options.
  2. Select Atlas as the Third Party App Name and include any 'If No Retail' and/or 'If No Part#' flags separated by a comma.
    1. If No Retail (only use one of the following flags):
      1. Include Flag: IncludeIfNoRetail
      2. Skip Flag: SkipIfNoRetail
    2. If No Part# (only use one of the following flags):
      1. Skip And Warn: SkipAndWarnIfNoPn
      2. Fail And Warn: FailAndWarnIfNoPn
  3. Click Save Changes button.

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