TeamDME Overview

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Data can be exchanged both from RxWeb to TeamDME (To direction) and from TeamDME to RxWeb (From direction).
A new RxWeb order can be created from an existing TeamDME order.
Associating items that are the same between RxWeb and TeamDME (Linking) are done only for the items associated with the open order.
As data for more orders are exchanged, the faster the exchange process becomes, since some items are already linked from exchanging data from previous orders.
An initial setup is required. The name of TeamDME! and the URL to the TeamDME API must be set in RxAdmin. A custom team member type for both the Salesperson and Customer Service person must be created and loaded in RxAdmin as well.
The items must be loaded into the main grid before any data can be exchanged. Set the direction, username, and password then click on the 'Fill/Refresh items to send/get' button to load the items.
When using this feature for the first time, the Salesperson custom team member type, Customer Service custom team member type, and the Taxtable type must be set.
The payors and line item manufacturers associated with the order must be linked in the payor and manufacturer grid.
The data for other items can be linked, added, updated, or unlinked in the main grid.
The 'Show details of selected rows' button allows comparison of data between similar items. This is useful when deciding if an item should be updated. The detail (comparison) grid will highlight the data that would be updated.
RxWeb line item changes are not updated or added from RxWeb to TeamDME if TeamDME has any existing line items (Medical Items). If changes are made to RxWeb line items, all TeamDME Medical Items must first be manually deleted. When no TeamDME Medical Items exist, they will be created from the current RxWeb line items during the Update on the Order item.
Line items are not added or updated from TeamDME to RxWeb.
Reordering payor priorities (List Order) values or deleting payors does not re-order or delete payors for an order during an Add or Update on an Order item. Manually re-order and delete payors.
After posting the order in TeamDME no further edits are allowed through the interface.


  1. Setup
  2. Load Items
  3. Link Payor and Manufacturer
  4. Add, Link, Update, or Unlink Items
  5. View/Compare Item Data
  6. After Posting Order


  1. Data Exchange Tables

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