Can't Delete Grid Cell Value

Updated by Steven Garand


After adding and saving a new grid cell value from a previously blank value, then immediately trying to clear and save the same value, the original value reappears.

Steps To Reproduce

  1. Open the PO page.
  2. Clear and save a Quote# value.
  3. Refresh the page.
  4. Add a Quote# and save.
  5. Clear the same Quote# and save.
  6. The original Quote# value will reappear.


Refresh the page after adding and saving the Quote#, then clear and save the Quote#.


Some complex grids such as the PO grid retain the original cell values when the page is first opened or is refreshed. Subsequent changes do not update these stored original values. Even though you change and save the Quote#, the original value is still the value when the page is opened or after the page is refreshed. The database code logic only updates the cells that have changed from the original value. Since the grid sends the blank value as the original value instead of the updated value from the last save, the database gets the information that the cell is changing from a blank to a blank and thus ignores the change. Refreshing the page resets the original value to the proper value and allows the value to be set as blank.

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