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Click the 'Log In' link (upper right).
To save time, first click on the desired action in the left menu tree. Any information such as the login screen and order selection window will automatically open for you.
For security reasons, when finished using RxWeb or RxAdmin, click on the 'Log Off' link (upper right).
If you have a valid password enter Email and Password and click Continue.
University Of Michigan Customers Only: After your initial one time Email/password is set up (described below), do not enter your Email and Password on the login window and instead click on the 'Continue with UMICH SSO' button which will open your University Of Michigan login window. Enter your unique name and password in the University Of Michigan login window and click on the 'sign in' button. Note: After your initial one time email/password is set up, click on the 'Continue with UMICH SSO' button which will fail. Contact ARTSCO support and give your name and email and request your UMICH SSO account be linked to your Email/password account. After your accounts are linked you must use the 'Continue with UMICH SSO' button and will no longer be able to use the Email/password login method.
If this is the first time logging in or you lost your password, click on the 'Forgot password?' link and go to the 'Reset Password' section below.
If your 2-step verification 30 day time period expired, or you are logging in from a different device or browser, the 'Verify Your Identity' prompt is presented. Go to the 'Using 2-Step Verification (MFA)' section below.

If you have not set up 2-step verification (MFA) or your MFA was reset by ARTSCO, the 'Secure Your Account' prompt is presented. Go to the 'Set Up 2-Step Verification (MFA)' section below.

Reset Password

If you clicked on the 'Forgot password?' link above, enter your Email Address and click on Continue.

Follow the instructions in the email sent to you to reset your password.

Using 2-Step Verification (MFA)

Enter the 6 digit code from your third part app. If you have not installed a one time code app yet, go to the 'Set Up 2-Step Verification (MFA)' section below.
If the 6 digit code does not work, make sure you are using the same same one time code app used to read the 'Secure Your Account' barcode. Also make sure the time and date on the device is synchronized with the exact time and date including the current time zone. Android devices may have a time synch option in the one time code app and iOS devices have an option in Settings to auto synch the time.
Check the 'Remember this device for 30 days' option on to avoid having to enter the one time code on every login from the same browser on the same device.

Set Up 2-Step Verification (MFA)

Follow the instructions on the Twilio Authy (recomended) or the Google Authenticator help page to download a third party app on your phone. Use this third party app (Twilio Authy, Google Authenticator, etc.) to generate the 6 digit one time code used below. Go to the 2-Step Overview help page for a better understanding of 2-Step verification.
When prompted by the third party software scan the barcode in the 'Secure Your Account' window shown below.
Enter the one time 6 digit code from the third party app.

Save the recovery code shown below somewhere safe and secure and check on the 'I have safely recorded this code' option, then click on the Continue button.
Use the recovery code as a workaround to entering a one time code if your phone is temporarily unavailable. You can only use this code once and will be given a new recovery code to safely save. The recovery code is accepted by clicking on 'Try another method' in the 'Verify Your Identity' window.

Clearing Cached Login Information (Including MFA)

To save time (and based on option settings), login information may be temporarily stored on the device. This allows for quicker login experience while maintaining a high degree of security. Occasionally saved information related to logging in causes a problem and prevents using the login screen as intended. To resolve this issue clear the saved login information by clearing all cookies from the following login URL:


To clear the login Information perform the following steps:

  1. Open browser and paste the following in the URL text box at the top of the window: ​https://login.artscoinc.com/u/login
  2. At the top of the page should be the following text: dev-dj8bu8tj Oops!, something went wrong
  3. Click on the Lock icon to the left of the URL, then click on Cookies, click on 'login.artscoinc.com' then click the Remove button.

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