Edit Completed Tasks

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Once a task is marked completed by a typical user, they can no longer modify the task values. A user with specific permission can however edit completed task values.
An order must be selected to modify completed tasks for the chosen order.
The History for completed task changes will list only the single previous set of values and the new set of values along with who made the change and when.
The Current filter is normally used and will only show the current completed tasks. All reset completed tasks are hidden.
The All filter would not be normally used. When selected all current and reset completed tasks are show. Only use this filter to modify a previously reset completed task.
The Recent filter is only used to help identify problems. This filter shows the highest status for each completed task. This should always be a value of 1 (current completed task). If the status is something other than 1, the current completed task is missing and only reset completed tasks exists.
User is the currently logged in user making the changes to completed tasks.
Status designates the order of reset order of completed task. A value of 1 identifies the current completed task (not reset). If the same completed task was reset, a separate task with the same task name would exist with a value of 0. A task that was reset twice would also have a separate task with the same task name but a value of -1. The status for reset tasks would progress in reverse order, for example, 0, -1, -2, -3, etc.


Completed Date: The date the task was set to completed.

Start Date: The date the task was set to pending.

Who: The person responsible for the task.

Notes: User and date stamped task notes.


  1. Delete completed task * **
  2. Update completed task **
  3. Save completed task changes
  4. Sort completed task
  5. Move completed task columns

* Reorders the Status on the remaining other tasks with the same name (reset tasks).

** Logs history of any changes, the user that made the changes, and when the changes were made.

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