Report For Purchase Orders Overdue To Send

Updated by Steven Garand

Shows purchase orders that are past due to order.

Input Parameters:

  • Days To Consider Late - Number of days past due in order to show on the report.


  • Your company address, phone, and fax


  1. Purchase Orders


  • Client Name (Patient Name) (shown for un-bundled order only)
  • Order Date
  • Manufacturer
  • Manufacturer Phone Number
  • Manuf PO #
  • PO Ref # (Bundled) - Value is shown for bundled orders only. Displays the internal PO # show for each purchase order in the bundle. The purchase order for the manufacturer is given in the page header, but you can use the PO Ref # to identify the details of each separate purchase order group in the bundle by going to the Open Purchase Orders window.
  • Confirmation #
  • ETA (expected receive date)
  • Total Cost

Grand Totals:

  • Total Cost

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