Signature Layout Item Properties

Updated by Steven Garand

Select only one item on the page to view and edit item specific properties. Editing item specific properties on Multiple item selections are not allowed.
The size of the signature is limited by the compressed data for the signature path not exceeding 8000 bytes. There are to many variables to determine an actual signature item size limit. For this reason keep the signature no larger than is useful and practical for the user. Always test the signature field on the user side to verify the data size is valid.
Link the signature to a user defined field (order level) with a unique descriptive name such as 'Signature1OnDpd'.


  1. Item type drop down list (top of property page): Allows changing this item to a different item type.
  2. Line Color: Determines the color of the line used to make the signature.
  3. Line Width: Determines the thickness of the line used to make the signature .

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